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Why You Should Attend Intrepid Medical Conferences: Medicine in the Jungle 2019

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Why should you attend a medical conference in the jungle? Why should you attend any medical conferences?

Continuing Medical Education is an important part of our professional development.  Keeping up to date with the latest in our field is just something we do. However, as busy physicians we also need to take the time to Rejuvenate ourselves, reconnect with our family and friends and just have fun.

How often to do you get to do both at the same time? If you are like most people the answer is pretty much never. What if I told you it is possible. Read on.

So why should you attend Intrepid Medical Conferences, Medicine in the Jungle 2019? Let’s answer that question for you. Below we have listed a few of the reasons why we think you should join us in Bukit Lawang, September 29th – 5th October 2019.

Incredible Location
And I mean truly incredible. Medicine in the Jungle 2019 is a chance to attend a medical conference in the tropical jungle of Gunung Lueser National Park.
The village of Bukit Lawang is situated on the banks of the Bohorok river in North Sumatra Indonesia. On the edge of the jungle, it is home to some of Indonesia’s last remaining orangutan, this is a wild and beautiful place.
But it’s not just about the orangutan there is so much more to see and do here.

There is more bio-diversity here than most places in the world. The forests of Sumatra are home to some of the rarest flora and fauna on the planet. You can read more about this amazing place here.

So why a medical conference on the edge of the jungle? Where the internet is unreliable, where you may have power in the afternoon or not? Where the rain can be so heavy you can’t hear yourself speak. It’s in these times and places that you can truly unplug yourself from everyday life but still get those CME points you need.

Despite being on the edge of the jungle, we make getting to Bukit Lawang surprisingly easy.
Once you arrive into Medan airport and pass through customs you will be met by one of the friendly drivers from Green Hill Guest House.  They will take you through small villages, larger towns and breathtaking scenic vistas of North Sumatra.
Arriving in Bukit Lawang you will be taken to your basic clean accommodation and start the process of Rejuvenation.

Informative, Educational and Fun
A medical conference holiday that educates and rejuvenates is another way looking at this experience.
At  Intrepid Medical Conferences the focus is on fun, interactive learning in unique environments. Medicine in the Jungle 2019 is a chance to learn current evidence-based approaches to topics relevant to prehospital emergent care in the tropical environment.
We encourage individual contribution, teamwork and wilderness scenarios to foster learning.
You will need a strong sense of adventure to join us for this conference. We will be traveling on some days away from the village further into the jungle to Base Camp to deliver our sessions.
Guided by our experienced hosts you will be getting your Continuing Medical Education and Rejuvenation in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. medical conference jungle

Evidence-based Approach
Topics we cover include: tropical medicine, travel medicine, disaster medicine, ethnobotany, environmental medical hazards and more.
Our content is reviewed by our medical advisory team to ensure you will be discussing relevant, evidence-based practical medicine appropriate to your needs.
The interactive sessions are led by Emergency Physicians, Urgent Care Physicians, Local Scientists and Local Trekking Guides.
(We are currently seeking CME accreditation from RNZCUC, ACEM and RNZCGP.)
Our educational content is structured so you can enjoy time with your partners in the morning and afternoons. Escape the heat of the middle of the day in the cool of the lodges we use for our sessions.

Social Program, Partner Family Friendly, Network with like-minded colleagues.
You get more from your registration fee than the educational content.
Included is our fabulous orientation and social program, always inclusive of partners, to really enjoy what Bukit Lawang has to offer.
You will have daily opportunities to, relax and hang out with people who know the jungle. As well as with your colleagues and partners.
Your partners are welcome to attend any of the lectures that interest them or they can choose their own activities in and around the village.
In the evenings there are activities, dinners and drinks to share with fellow delegates and family. This gives you a relaxed opportunity to network and connect with like-minded colleagues.
There are lots of other activities you may choose to do while in the region. Rafting, trekking, tours of the villages, market visit, cooking classes or you may choose to sit and watch the river flow past.

The opportunity to do some Rewilding?

According to Wikipedia, Rewilding  “is large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas” If you have any interest in conservation at all, then this is the place to learn so much more. Our hosts are local guide Mbra and his wife Andrea, from the UK. They have done so much work to ensure the locals here have a sustainable income for their families which doesn’t rely on destroying the local ecosystems.

Great Value
With so much included and a personalized approach to your jungle experience, this medical conference holiday in the jungle provides great value and service and a chance to get your Continuing Medical Education and Rejuvenation.

So that’s why you should attend our Intrepid Medical Conferences, at least that ‘s why we think so.  Now it’s up to you. Take this time to look after yourself.

See you in Bukit Lawang. Register here.

Intrepid Medical Conferences “Helping busy doctors get their continuing medical education and rejuvenation with exceptional interactive and adventurous experiences.”

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