Intrepid Medicine in the Mountains 2019

// Intrepid Medicine in the Mountains 2019 provides you practical guidance to pre-hospital management of patients in the winter mountain environment.

It is relevant to you if you are working in this environment, recreating in this environment, seeing patients from these environments and those of you with a healthy curiosity. We keep the numbers small and provide an interactive learning experience in the lecture room and on snow. The program is designed so that you don't have to already be an expert skier, snowboarder or mountaineer: a medical person with a passion for the outdoors is all that is required!

// Topics will be convened by experts in pre-hospital mountain medical care

We ask all candidates to submit a 15 minute presentation related to one of the topics. Most attendees will get an opportunity to present. Practical sessions will be held on the snow on the 2nd and 3rd mornings but will not require any pre-attendance technical experience.

// All this will be presented at wonderful Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada.

Conference Programme 2019

Monday 11th February

7-9am Mountain Travel and Avalanche Safety
  • An Avalanche Incident
  • Avalanches types
  • Avalanche formation
  • Factors involved in Avalanche Accidents
  • Avalanche Accident Prevention
  • Route Finding
  • Decision making
   4-6pm Mountain Rescue
  • Avalanche rescue and resuscitation
  • Hypothermia field management and resuscitation
  • Hypothermia update on hospital management
  • Cold Injuries field management and new developments in treatment

Tuesday 12th February

7-9 am Avalanche Scenarios
  • Transceiver use and practice
  • Companion rescue
  • Group rescue
  • Resuscitation
4-6pm Mountain Trauma 
  • Snow Sports Injuries Update
  • Snow Sports Injury Prevention
  • Orthopedic considerations
  • Trauma Management in the Austere environment

Wednesday 13th February

7-9 am Pre Hospital Trauma Scenario
  • Wilderness Injury Assessment and Management
  • Improvised Litter/Sled Construction
  • Package and transport of the injured patient
  • Boot and Helmet Removal
  • Improvised Splinting
4-6 pm Mountain Medicine
  • Altitude illness Prevention and Treatment
  • Climate Change and Mountain Medicine
  • Medical Management on Snow
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Thursday 14th February

7-9 am Gearing up for the Adventure
  • A practical approach to personal and group equipment for the mountain medic
  • What happens when it’s the Doctor that gets sick or injured?
  • Improvised shelters
  • Summary, Questions and Group Discussion
The conference is Sponsor Free.  The cost of the conference is not endorsed or subsidised by other companies such as pharmaceuticals.  This is a deliberate decision, in order to fit with our philosophy of best-evidenced medicine.
All topics and session times are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers.



Dr Brad Hulcombe FRNZCUC, International Diploma in Mountain Medicine (Heidelberg) . Prior Medical Director Mt Ruapehu Urgent Care Clinics , New Zealand. Stage 1 Avalanche Management (Otago Polytechnic,NZ). Fully Certified Ski Instructor PSIA, APSI.
Dr Kelly Phelps FACEM FACEP