Dr Kelly Phelps MD FACEP FACEM

Dr Kelly PhelpsKelly Phelps, MD, FACEP, FACEM

Kelly is a very important part of the team at Intrepid Medical Conferences.

She works with Brad on the medical content side of things, however, she is also our more than brilliant Social Events Co-ordinator.  Kelly is always up for a fun time.

Read on to let her tell you a little bit more about herself.

Current projects include my LE (Lego Enthusiasm), CA (Coca-Cola Addiction), and my NBoSSO (Netflix Binging of Spanish Soap Operas).

According to online quizzes, I am described as the Disney character Dory, hopefully, because of my love of games and fun, not because of my 3-second attention span. Personality testing throws me in the lot of an ENFF-T like Tonks from Harry Potter. I am considered a Gryffindor through and through with a grey squirrel Patronus.

I am board-certified in Emergency Medicine from the USA, and currently, work in New Zealand as an Emergency Medicine Physician.

My interests include medical education and trauma. I try and educate without using powerpoint, and possibly could be considered using ‘unconventional’ teaching methods. I try and make learning fun with enthusiasm and games.

I enjoy traveling the world with my husband and meeting people from different cultures. I’ll try most adrenaline-infused sports at least once.

My goal is to keep up with Brad and Sue on the slopes this year without my quads screaming at me!

Intrepid Medical Conferences, Medicine in the Mountains allows Kelly to do what she does best: teach with an emphasis on fun.

You can benefit from Kelly’s many years of experience of working in emergency medicine in both New Zealand and the USA  as well as her wonderful ability to teach in a fun and “unconventional” manner. All this plus the fantastic social side of things she puts together for all the delegates and their partners.

Join her and the Intrepid Medical Conferences team at the next medical conference in the snow in beautiful Silverstar, Canada.

She is also keen to hit the slopes between lecture sessions to help reduce the leg burn. Wherever she is Kelly is making sure she and whoever she is with are having the time of their life!

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